Thursday, October 17, 2013

Facebook stirs controversy by allowing minors to change settings to public

Facebook has made another change to its privacy policy, setting the default settings now to “friends” for all new minor users and letting anyone (including minors 13 and over) change the setting to everyone.
Previously, the setting for minors had been “friends of friends” (second degree, or one degree of separation). 
Apparently some people are concerned that minors should not be able to post publicly to everyone. They fear that minors do not grasp the permanence of digital postings and of online reputation, but even “whitelisted” postings often get passed around.
CNET has the story here

New users over 18 still default to “public”.
The “Inside Facebook” story is here.

There is a story on NOLA here

Blogger has a minimum age of 13 and I'm not aware of any requirement to mark a blog private.  Google+ originally had a minimum age of 18, but was changed to 13 and apparently restricts postings to friends.  

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