Friday, October 04, 2013

Federal indictment issued against some members of Anonymous for DDoS attacks against anti-piracy interests

The major media outlets are reporting on a big federal indictment, from the US district in Alexandria, VA, against thirteen members of the computer hacking group Anonymous, accused of engineering DDOS attacks against major parties who spoke out against piracy, especially through file-sharing. 
NBC News has a story, with a link to a PDF of the indictment, here

Any federal trial would be held in Alexandria VA and people who live in northern Virginia would be eligible for jury summons.  It would be a good question as to whether personal or professional experience with intellectual property issues would disqualify jurors, as would the possibility of a US attorney on the case knowing a juror personally through happenstance.  These sorts of possibilities may be more likely in a case like this than usual.
Reuters has a story by David Ingram on the Chicago Tribune site, here
Most attacks discussed in the indictment seem to have been done with phishing and getting home and small business user computers infected. 

News Super World also reports that a Reuters journalist was indicted separately.  

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