Friday, November 29, 2013

"The family computer" concept seems alive and well

Recommendations for parents on kid safety.  “Washington Family” Magazine (given out free at churches) for Nov. 2013 has an article on p. 38 by Mary Jo Rapini, “Monitoring your child’s behavior online”, which recommends just that, including having the “family computer” concept, in a public area of the house.  Maybe this is only for tweens.  Older kids will have a lot of homework online, and talented kids (prodigies in music, programming) may have legitimate reasons to spend more time in their own computing efforts. 
Yet, parents really do need to monitor what is going on, or there can be real consequences, as we know from a lot of news stories.
Rapini has an earlier article from Aug. 29, 2012, “Kid Focused” which says “’Monitoring you kids doesn’t mean ‘spying’”, link here

I couldn’t find the Family article on its own site, but Rapini has it on her own site, curiously in ready-to-print mode in PDF, here

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