Thursday, January 02, 2014

Attacks on Snapchat, Skype raise different questions and implications

Attacks on Snapchat and Skype attracted the attention of the security world today.
Snaptchat allows users to send photos which will then quickly disappear. It’s existence can raise questions about photography of people in various places, especially bars and discos;  in any case, someone who appears under the guise of another person’s camera has no way to know what could happen with it.  Expected courtesy standards in these places are evolving.
But apparently hackers posted personal information, including phone info (mobile) of over 4 million snapchat users as “proof of concept”.
The Snapchat blog discusses abuse of its Find Friends service, link. Techcruch has more details, uncluding info on how users can see if there PII wound up on the list, here

The attack on Skype did not compromise information.   A group in Syria may be claiming responsibility. Skype seems to be a very popular way for members of the military do maintain contact with families when deployed (see my movie review of “Where Soldiers Come From” Dec. 30), and that could have provided a disturbing incentive for the attack.
The Chicago Tribune has a story here  

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