Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Kaspersky labs and its tale on why Russia has become our cyber-enemy -- and watch out in Sochi

NBC News has offered a good perspective on why so much malware comes from Russia, and why so much of it is directed at exploiting retail point-of-sale and bank accounts. The story by Ben Kessler is here.

Russian companies don't pay computer engineers enough, so they turn to crime and the black market to make a living.  And Putin;s government prosecutes only when Russian domestic infrastructure is harmed.

And the problem is only exacerbated by the problems in US-Russian relations, over Edward Snowden, and now over the cultural implications over western and especially American progress in gay rights, which the Russians see as undermining their own birth rate more than ours or that of other western countries.

Russia, like China, is still essentially an authoritarian state with a group mind-set in public life.

NBC News also said that visitors to Sochi (or anywhere in Russia) will ordinary find their cell phones and computers hacked (at least keylogged) quickly when the go online.  The problem is that the same thing perhaps could happen here.

Kaspersky Labs has roots in Russia, and some of the company's infrastructure is in Moscow.

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