Saturday, May 03, 2014

Microsoft fixes security bug in Internet Explorer, at least for Windows 8

Microsoft has updated my Windows 8 computer with the required fix to the security memory caching vulnerability in Internet Explorer with KB2964358), as explained here. I'm waiting for the fix on my W7 machines, probably will see it happen today. 
Ironically, I see that the Control Center displayed this link in IE to me. 
It has also done a separate fix for IE Flash player, KB 2961887. For some reason, Windows player these days asks me to update with a new app and then doesn’t tell me what the app is. I have to load it to YouTube to view it, even if it is very trivial. 

By the way, “IE” also stands for “Information Expert”, a database reporter (from DB2, etc) in mainframe systems from Dun and Bradstreet popular in the 1990s.  

Update: later Saturday

Both Windows 7 machines updated IE automatically this afternoon; one of them even restarted itself before I had noticed it. 

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