Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chrome gives a malware warning from one of my blogs; it seems to be related to a 3rd-party gadget; Webroot had not detected it

Late Monday night, as I was surfing in Chrome on my Windows 8 computer, I got a sudden warning from Chrome that my “Bill’s Drama and Music News and Reviews” blog that it was accessing a site known to serve malware.  I did not get the warning from Mozilla, or from Webroot Secure Anywhere.  I didn’t write down the name of the site (it had the node “bmp”) but I immediately removed one remaining gadget at the boddom of the page, that had been there since 2009 with no problems.  After re-caching, the Chrome message went away.

I have removed other third-party gadgets before, when the stop working.  Usually the symptom is just an error message.  It’s possible that this gadget itself had been hacked. 

Various sources on the web say that some of these messages from Chrome are “false positives”.  The best resource I could find on the problem of Chrome warnings was here.  I’ll check other blogs and probably removed unnecessary third-party gadgets soon, as they seem to create a vulnerability. 

I have noticed recently that, after adding a new post, it can take up to a minute for the blog to re-cache and display the new posting (with repeated prompts on the reload).  This may account for underreporting in Analytics statistics.  
One other thing.  I had just been watching MLB videos, and earlier MLB had tried to get me to update Chrome, which I had ignored. 

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