Sunday, September 28, 2014

Is bloatware ever actually malware?

When I got my HP Envy All-in-One back from Geeksquad (IT blog, Sept, 28), the technician reported that he had “removed threats” without specifying which, and that now there were no viruses and no hardware issues.  He also said that he had removed “bloatware”, which was “Cozi” and “Pinger” according to the Microsoft Reliability Report in the Action Center.
In the past, GeekSquad has used A-Squared to find and remove viruses not found by nearly all major anti-virus vendors.  That may have been the case this time.  Since getting the machine back, there have been no freeze-ups or SmartDrive “false positive” hard disk errors.  The suggestion is that there might have been some sort of malware on the original machine. 
Once in a while, the display screen does go blank, and comes back when touching the mouse, as if the time counter for deciding when to go to sleep didn’t quite function properly.
The “Farmville” pop-up still sometimes appears and disappears quickly. It appears to be installed on 8.1.  

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