Friday, November 21, 2014

Webcam hack from Russia seems like an old trick

Home webcam cameras all over the world have been hacked, with some live-feeds available from a website hosted in Russia. The Register UK a typical news story here

Generally, most of the hacks seem to be separate cameras posted at various locations around businesses and homes, not just laptop webcams.

The hacks can be stopped by merely changing default passwords on these devices.   These are also common with some newer home security systems, but users of these probably would have known to protect them.

Some authorities say that these hacks have gone on for a long time.  They have been used as plot devices in films (like "Pornography, A Thriller", Movies blog June 18, 2012, and I think it's happened in soaps like "Revenge" (with likable bisexual techie guru Nolan Ross doing the hacking) and "Days of our Lives").  

The hackers say they did this as a “proof of concept”, and to demonstrate a major hole.  But criminals could use these devices for “peeping Tom” purposes, like to create child pornography, or even to know when people aren’t home.   

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