Sunday, December 07, 2014

Odd request from a YouTube add to update a driver; ignored; more on Moon router virus

Today, when I went to play some classical music on YouTube, I got an ad in the corner to the right of the YouTube display area, saying “you need another driver” with an invitation to download.  I X-ed out (did not download), and the web page then asked me to check a reason for canceling the ad.  I checked “inappropriate”.  Of course, I feared that this could be malware.  The video worked normally with no update. 

Persons should not click on ads inviting them to download drivers.  When one needs a particular driver, one should go to the site for the company that provides the driver.  This should not have been an acceptable ad on YouTube.

I didn’t think to snap a picture of the ad.  I snapped a different one when I tried it again.  It’s normal for YouTube to display an ad on the upper right side of the page. 

Also, last week, one time when I brought up my HP Envy on Windows 8, the system said it was re-arranging the startup (I really didn’t notice anything) and then invited me to download and install Skype.  I checked the publisher name when Windows Firewall intervened, and it appeared to be the correct site and executable from Microsoft.  It loaded OK and works, and Weboot accepts it,

But, again, the user should not be invited to try new software at startup.  It’s OK to display a “legitimate” ad,  but one should always go to the site for the company. 

On another matter, I have rebooted the Netgear router.  It took about five minutes, so it probably did a firmware update, and I’m told that this should fix the “Moon” virus. I haven’t seen any more fake Adobe requests.   Today, once when I went to, I got redirected to an nbcnews subsite of Yahoo, but this appear to be an NBC problem; no warnings from Webroot.  

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