Saturday, January 03, 2015

Webroot warns of anti-viral product "storms" with pre-cloud services

Webroot has tweeted an advisory on the danger of “anti-viral” storms, where scheduled anti-virus updates and scans degrade server performance, especially in multiple workstation envrionments, article here.

Webroot’s solution, as is some other companies’, is now cloud based signature checking (in Secure Anywhere). 
Back in 2001, I can remember that weekly McAfee data signature updates could take hours to download (back the at 56 baud) and install.  The process remained a nuisance well throughout the 2000’s on older machines.
When I was working in a “conventional” environment at ING-ReliaStar, every workstation PC had its own security, I think through Norton.  In 2001, right before 9/11, there was an outbreak of the “Magister virus” which I did not get, but many people did.  

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