Friday, February 06, 2015

EFF publishes security training guide for journalists, confronting "adversaries"

Electronic Frontier Foundation has published an extensive guide of Internet and information security for journalists, link here.

It’s quite detailed and gets into what encryption (https) and other techniques accomplish, and don’t do.  One topic that gets a lot of attention is deleting data so it can’t be recovered, and safely discarding hardware and disk drives.

What’s striking is that the publication assumes journalists will have adversaries, which is most likely for those who live in or travel to authoritarian countries or to conflict areas.  But the possibility that adversaries will attack those in western countries, in a way beyond just the usual spam and ransomware and various scams (basically the business model of countries like Russia and China in dealing with individuals in the west), but out of actual political or religious hostility, seems likely to increase in the future.  Of course, these concerns also affect the sources for reports, which often must remain protected, and the journalists themselves.  

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