Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Apple fixes security flaw in iPhone IOS that could allow eavesdropping

Apple has fixed a supposed “freak” security flaw in IOS 8.2 update, which also added an update for Apple Watch 
I just applied it to my iPhone with no issues, taking about 7 minutes.
The flaw would allow the interception of encrypted communications by an attacker.  The flaw might not matter to a majority of users.  The link for ZDNET’s report on the fix is here.
Microsoft released 31 updates to Windows 8.1 today, including more security patches and probably some more firmware interface fixes.  But the updates took only a little longer than usual.

People who travel for work or who must stay well wired when on the road should make it a habit to update all devices as soon as possible, well before leaving for the airport, given TSA tightening of screening. We’re still wondering if bans on electronics in cabins could happen, especially overseas, and if some scheme to send devices safely and separately needs to be developed.  Right now, it would be just UPS and FedEx.   

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