Thursday, March 05, 2015

Prosecutions for aiding enemy shows dangers of being "recruited" on Internet

The arrest of a 17 year old boy in Woodbridge, VA yesterday illustrates a new danger on the Internet, not necessarily limited to minors: unwittingly becoming involved in supporting overseas terrorism, and being arrested for it.  Matt Zapotosky has the story in the Metro section of the Washington Post today, here.
The teen has been “hired” to write for a website covering digital currencies (presumably bitcoin),  But somehow he was persuaded to help another man (an adult, but barely) travel to Syria to fight for ISIL.

FBI and police said that stumbling into recruiting schemes online in social media, unbeknownst to parents, as an unprecedented risk online, and could trap people who think they are "well-meaning". 
The teen, whose name hasn’t been released, was said to be a good student in AP classes.  It was not disclosed if he had been raised Muslim.  Prosecutors are trying to charge him as an adult. 

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