Friday, April 10, 2015

Trend Micro still lectures me on privacy settings on Twitter, Facebook

Trendo Micro is still warning me about my Twitter Life, and my Facebook Life, when I use my auxillary W8.1 Toshiba Satelitte laptop. It gave me a little lecture on privacy settings.
Many of the points would concern people whose social media use is more integrated with that of other people on the job or in the family, than mine. 
I still never post anything that others can’t see.  I sometimes do send direct Messages by Twitter (as an alternative to email or to at text) if I think the recipient would want it to remain private, then it’s the recipient’s choice.

I also allow location tracking on cell phone when I really need the location data.  I do need it if I need to find an address on Google Maps in an unfamiliar city.  It’s amazingly hard to reconcile maps to what you see on the ground.  I guess I need Mapquest on my phone.  

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