Monday, July 27, 2015

Chrome gets "It's dead" crashes on an HP Envy after Microsoft's latest emergency security patch

Ever since installing the security patch for a Microsoft vulnerability last Wednesday (July 22), described as KB3079904 (disallowing some remote code execution) here. Chrome has behaved oddly in my Windows 8 HP Envy environment.  Occasionally, it crashes with an “It’s dead, Jim”, saying that the operating system forced the page to close. The page will load it you hit “reload” a second time.  It seems to happen going to a “New Tab”.  Also, sometimes the “most frequently visited” tabs no longer work, requiring keying in the URL.

This does not seem to happen on my Toshiba Satellite, which also did the same update. So there seems to be some problem in the way Windows 8.1, HP firmware, and Chrome communicate after this update, which disallows some unsafe code.  

It also seems that Kifi (another Chrome plugin) sometimes crashes, with this latest update. 
Chrome’s explanation is here
It's possible that the way HP implements IAStorlcon from Intel complicates the issue. 
Webroot scans remain clean.

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