Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Disabling flash in Chrome; new serious Droid vulnerability reported

Timothy B. Lee has an article July 27 on Vox media recommending that users disable Adobe flash in Google Chrome, with a plugin called “Flash control”.  The link is here.  I tried it, and then I found that YouTube videos that use it show a red dot, which will allow the video to play when clicked a second time. Fewer videos use it than in the past. 

Safari seems too default to not allowing Flash to start automatically (on macBooks) and on my iPhone and iPad they don’t play at all when embedded in blog posts.
Security researchers are reporting a serious Android vulnerability called Stagefright, as in this article by First Post, link. This is a media library feature coded in C++, which is said to be more vulnerable than “memory safe languages like Java” although Java has been criticized for security exposures in more recent times.  The exploit reportedly can be triggered by an MMS message that requires no action on the part of a user, so it is more dangerous than phishing. 
I had Droid phone until early 2014 (a Blackberry before that) when I switched to iPhone 5 on renewal.


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