Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trolls still populate old-fashioned forums; disturbing demos of auto electronics hacks

Online trolls sometimes use discussion forums to find people to target in the real world, according to a Metro Section Washington Post story by Justin Jouvenal, link here. The particular incidents seem to stem from the Fairfax Underground site in northern Virginia. 
Forums like these were common in the late 1990s, well before modern social media sites came into being.  Problems could also occur with listservers.  I remember one such person on a Libertarian Party of Minnesota server in 1999. 
AOL had a movie review forum called “Movie Grill” back around 2000.  Some flamed me and sent pseudothreats because he mistook my review of “A Perfect Storm” as a justification for how the shipping company in the film actually treated the characters, rather than just a statement of what happens in the movie. Some people interpret everything they see online as having personal meaning.
In another matter, news services are reporting on “proof of concept” hacks of electronics on cars through entertainment systems (Wired story by Andy Greenberg)  There will be more coverage of this soon. It's called "the carjacking of the future".  If you were hacked and caused a (fatal) accident, would you be legally liable? 

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