Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10 may offer game-changing security features

Webroot tweeted a "Darkroom" story concerning three important security features with Windows 10.  It would appear that most enterprises will expect developers or business partners to be using W10 by the end of 2015.  These advantages look significant.

The most important may be a Device Guard to stop zero-day attacks, before security companies can block them. A second is Windows Hello, which offers a biometric signin for users.  This could actually work to an advantage for home security, too;  an intruder would not be able to log on to a properly equipped PC.  Use of these devices might require care;  would a fingerprint reader work with hands greasy from cooking? Another feature is Passport, which allows users to authenticate sites and apps without passwords.  This is two-step verification with a “plus”.  It would seem that major service providers like Google would jump on this pretty soon.

These features could give Windows an edge over Apple MacBooks. Apple employees still often say that their computers don't really need anti-virus, but that is questionable.  Apple is likely to implement the same capabilities in a future OS, and pressure computer owners to upgrade, which then runs some risk of interfering with existing media applications.  
Webroot also greets windows 7 and 8 users with a panel and link explaining the compatibility with Windows 10.  I don't see such a notice from Trend Micro on another of my machines. 

Update: Aug 1

Windows 10 WiFi Sense is creating controversy, as CNN explains.  It isn't something that I personally would need. But the risk is said to be minimal. (Really?)

Update: Aug. 4

Tech Republic has a detailed article on how to undo the potential privacy invasions inherent in Windows 10, and it's pretty intricate, by Conner Forrest, link here. I'm going to wait for the initial heat to simmer down before installing it myself.  I don't know yet if the Geel Squad plan will do it for me if left with them.  Expect the download and install to take up to three hours, with many periods of blank screens, and many restarts.  It's like roasting a Thanksgiving turkey (and it's only August).

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