Monday, August 17, 2015

EZPass phishing scam exposed; some customers can get legitimate emails from EZPass.

Security companies are warning of a phishing scam involving E-Zpass, claiming that you owe money and have allowed unpaid charges to accumulate on your transponder.

Consumer Reports has a story on the scam here

EZPass has an explanation of its own phishing policy here. EZPass can take legal action, including prosecution and civil action (trademark) if scammers are caught. 

However, EZPass will send a legitimate email when a credit card on file expires and it has trouble adding the next incremental credit (usually $35, after a balance falls below $7).  This happened with me in early July, and the email arrived early on a Sunday morning when I was going to drive to Philadelpha on toll roads.  The website did not work, but the transponder did OK.  On Monday I called to solve the problem, but had to call twice and wait through holds to get through to customer service to fix the problem.

It is true that unpaid tolls can cause fines.  This happened to me once with a rental in 2002 on the horrible Delaware turnpike.  More recently, car rental companies (in Florida, around Orlando) just generate another bill to the credit card on file when the bill comes in, so the system has gotten better.


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