Monday, September 21, 2015

Apple iPhone hack reported, many relatively obscure apps affected

iPhone users have suddenly learned that they could have been affected by  a hack that allowed fake apps to be installed.  BGR has a list of infected apps at the end of this article, link here.  The app that caught my eye was Win-Zip, but I haven’t actually downloaded any apps on the shortlist. In the past, the iPhone has been viewed as more closed and more secure than Droid (which I had from 2011 to 2014).
CNN has a similar story reporting that over 225,000 iPhones have been hacked, and that iTunes products can be stolen from compromised phones, link here
The story has a video showing some iPhone security tips, including expanding the character set for pin codes, and ways to hinder advertisers from tracking you.
I have not really found it practical to do a lot of work on the phone.  I usually do banking from a laptop or PC with standard firewalls and security software in place.  Blogging from just a phone has not been practical (although Facebook and Twitter are OK).  Almost no product or service is as easy to use on a phone as on a well-equipped modern laptop with fast processor and connection.


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