Friday, September 18, 2015

Safe Internet access when playing on the road (and needing to get through the bottom of the ninth)

The site Newsy has a valuable resource on use of public Wifi spaces.

This advice using a private VPN if possible, and specifically disabling file sharing.  (I’m not sure if that matters if you don’t have P2P software downloaded.)

It also recommends using 2-step identification whenever possible, and “forgetting” networks when signing out.

It also recommends using only networks that require signon.

The idea that someone will eavesdrop on a conversation in an ordinary hotel room seems improbable to me.  But you have to think about some factors; one hotel in NYC has given me the same room whenever I’ve been there.  I’ve found that Bluetooth connections (like on Ultrabooks) are less stable in hotels than at home because of signal distraction.
Maybe the simplest tip in the smartphone era is to use your smartphone as a hotspot.  It seems to work pretty well – but your carrier needs to have a strong signal in the location where you travel. Verizon seems to have the largest coverage area in the US.


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