Thursday, October 15, 2015

Does cyber warfare threaten average users?

Robert Samuelson has an op-ed in the Washington Post today, “The coming cyber-wars”, link here.    Samuelson questions whether in the end the Internet will turn out to have been a good thing, if we could lose our power grid and wind up living out the scenario of NBC’s “Revolution”.

Now I’ve written repeatedly that there is something wrong if our power grid even had a topological connection to an Internet that enemy hackers can reach. But another way to attack is to get employees to connect infected thumb drives to their networks, and enemies are turning special attention to spying on off-Internet networks.

Samuelson refers to a WSJ story by Damian Paletta, Danny Yadron and Jennifer Valentino-Devries, here.

But it would be more likely that “average users” could be affected if whole networks (whether power grids or financial, or even telecommunications or social media services) were attacked and went down.

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