Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Https now allowed by Blogger; Kaspersky gets quite strict on security certificates

A couple more issues that have come up with my conversion to Windows 10 and Kaspersky on one machine (HP Envy).

I’ve noticed that Google now offers "https" for Blogger, for blogs with the blogspot domain without (for right now) a custom domain name.  I have just enabled that for this blog, so you can key in https if you life.  I’ll look at this soon for my other blogs. Google’s page on the capability is here.  You have to enter the “https”;  it does not automatically convert for you.

I’ve noticed also that Kaspersky, in Window 10, warns the user every time she inserts a drive through USB to scan.  Also, it warns on the security certificates of many sites, even some of Google.

Another feature I’ve noticed with Windows 10:  on some sites, you cannot click on embedded pictures in webpages to enlarge them, you get disconnected from the site.  Same site it’s permissible

Update: Oct. 8

I've noticed that when some images are imported by Blogger in a Windows 10 environment, and then fixed manually in html with respect to height and width, they view OK in ordinary browsers but may not be viewable in blogs enabled by https.  Also, the images are not viewable on the Blogger panel which is already under https.  It appears that Windows 10 is encrypting some images that algorithms tell it contain text and conceivably some PII.

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