Friday, October 23, 2015

On a Wordpress site, comment spam related to gaming "digital currency" gets past security controls

Last night, when I navigated to my (Wordpress) “Do Ask, Do Tell Notes” site  it seemed that I got redirected to “”.  It may actually have been a pop-up (I haven’t turned on the blocker yet) from passing my cursor over the most recent comment, on the left side of the page (which shows up on a computer but not on mobile)  

That comment had gotten past Akismet’s spam comment control, somehow, and been entered earlier that evening.  Apparently it had html code that would cause the Blogger posting to pop up.  (One of my “subsponsors” on did this one time, and I removed the auto-pop code html manually from the embed.)  

I marked the comment as spam on my control panel, and the behavior went away.  But I don’t know how it got there in the first place.  Had it gotten past the spam comment control, it would have generated a comment moderation email. 

The scheme seems to be aimed at getting as many clicks and links as possible (“link farming”) and seemed oddly connected to a gamer’s earning “gems”, a kind of digital currency (like bitcoin, or like Second Life Linden Dollar) by generating links.  

The actual game  is quite legitimate and Wikipedia describes the currency here  The actual game board is interesting, and even looks a bit like the fantasy world in my own screenplay (on a space station), except that the levels within any one station in my world are vertical.   But the blog posting that I saw pop up looked like a typical “spam blog” post with many run-one lines of repeated content and no paragraphs.  That has been a controversy on Blogger for years, particularly around 2008 (less of an issue these days).  In at least one case in 2008, clues to a major (still) unsolved crime were left in one of these blogs.  
I ran the usual Kaspersky checks and everything was clean. 

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