Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kaspersky squawks about new routers from Xfinity; has Microsoft turned the corner on security with Windows 10?

I did install the new Comcast-Xfinity Arris modem-router for higher 5G speed yesterday.

I note that Kaspersky gives me a warning on it in Windows 10, but other packages (Webroot and Trend) to do not.

The MacBook says it does meet WPA2 standards, so I don’t know why Kaspersky flags this (it flags a lot of things, and Windows 10 sometimes encrypts images I want to see).

Nick Wingfield has a detailed article in the New York Times on Wednesday, “Microsoft sheds reputation as an easy mark for hackers”,  It does seem that Windows 10 has gone to some lengths for security.

However, YouTube shows some detractors.

On the router, I "redacted" the evidence just the way the CIA would.
and this is what the Mac says.

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