Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year's Resolutions; a warning for people who do their own web hosting

I’ll pass along Webroot’s eleven New Years resolutions for 2016 here.  Most of them are no surprise.  How about 2-step verification?
The “freeze your credit” has an alarming statement.  I haven’t heard of people not being able to get at their own ordinary checking or bank accounts after id-theft.  True, I watch mine petty closely. Credit cards have been closed and replaced, but not underlying accounts.  Also noteworthy is the comment about major companies' ability to protect passwords, even when encrypted.
Last night, I was at a party at a bar in Washington (Maddy’s) for Electronic Frontier Foundation. Some of the guests had attended a conference by Shmoocon.

 More drips and drabs from the conversation will show up soon, but one remarks on Internet safety caught my attention.  People who try to run their own dedicated web hosting servers (without professional hosting service companies) need to be very vigilant about firewalls.  Otherwise, pirated movies, porn, and worse (maybe child porn) can wind up on their servers, creating potentially critical legal exposures.  There was some discussion about Kaspersky Lab, and its ability to protect western consumers despite the influence of Vladimir Putin.  But I've found its security to be the strictest ever. There was also acknowledgement that so far, modern Mac users rarely really "need" anti-virus software the way Windows users need it -- although we keep hearing about more Linux security issues.

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