Thursday, February 04, 2016

Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 warns me about one of my own legacy domains; Chrome unnecessarily encrypts some images in W-10

Today, I tried my “” legacy site in Microsoft Edge under Windows 10, and kept getting a warning to verify (with a captcha) that I knew the site and that it is not a phishing domain.  It kept repeating the warning and verification despite my verififcation. Internet Explorer is not doing this in other versions of Windows, and other browsers are not.

This behavior happened only on the home page, not subordinate pages.

I have checked stats on the domain and not found it had sent any email.  I normally do not use its email.
From late Saturday, January 30, until around 6 PM EST Monday, February 1, the site was down because of an unspecified Windows shared hosting problem.  Outages are rare.  I kept getting “ERR_CONN_RESET”.  That normally means that the checksum at the transport layer doesn’t match the actual data count on the page.  Apparently, the server had stopped sending checksums, maybe because of a local hardware or firmware problem.  “Tracert” showed that the domain could be reached.  The outage did not appear to be related to malware or a DDOS.

But I don’t believe the problem is related to “Edge” behavior now.  This seems like something new in Windows 10.

The issue might occur because there is now a ".org" domain for the name belonging to a non-profit organization, whereas I am an individual (and maybe Windows 10 and Edge checks for this);  but I have used the domain since Dec, 1999 and have it paid for until 2021.  In the more distant past, the ".org" has been a parked domain.

I continue to have an issue in Blogger that it seems to “encrypt” images in a Windows 10 environment when logged in to the app (forcing me to go into native html to fix), and sometimes even when viewing postings (in Chrome).  This does not happen in previous versions of Windows.  This is more likely with images that seem to have some embedded text.

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