Thursday, May 12, 2016

Microsoft's Malicious Software tool may be annoying slow to install, but seems important to security strategy

Last night, on a Toshiba Satellite recently converted to Windows 10 (from 8.1), it took over an hour for a “malicious software tool” to be installed, before the other operating system security updates installed, those taking a few minutes.  Closing all apps and windows seemed to help it finish.  It would help if Microsoft would provide a progress bar on this specific “install” because it takes so long.

But now Microsoft pops up an explanation that the tool will scan for computer for specific malware (probably including ransomware) with its own engine.  This may be what takes so much time (as an ordinary third party scan from Webroot, Trend or Kaspersky takes over an hour).  It says this does not replace the need for a third party product, but does give a second opinion.  So an extra malware scan does seem to come with periodic automatic updates (which happen usually the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month).

In the Mac environment, the need is not so clear, to supplement XProtect. 

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