Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Do cloud backups protect you from ransomware? Debate on Twitter now

There’s a debate today on Twitter over whether cloud backups are vulnerable to ransomware sicne they are often “mapped” as logical drives. Webroot has joined the discussion,

Webroot says they can be infected, but higher-end products have the ability to sync with earlier backups.  Home users need to make sure they have this higher level of service enabled.

Carbonite has a more recent article on beating back a ransomware attack here.

It’s still a good idea to keep rotating usb or Seagate drive backups (the latter typically take about 90 minutes on a modern W10 machine), organized and in different locations. Keep your photo San disks, too.  Keep one copy in a safe deposit box.  Another idea is to leave at least one or two laptop computers unnetworked.  It's even better if you have both Mac and PC and use them both, frequently (including tablets). But this takes effort, and resources.  Not every family can deal with all this.

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