Monday, July 25, 2016

Evidence mounts that Russian malware exposed the DNC's emails "overprotecting" Hillary Clinton

Numerous stories have erupted in the past few days about emails that leaked, after a hacking attempt, that seem to suggest that the DNC would go out of its way to help Hillary Clinton get the nomination instead of Bernie Sanders. The AP has a story in the NYTimes about the FBI investigation.  The emails were posted by Wikileaks .

But technical publications claim that the hack shows evidence of specific malware from Russia, going by monikers “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear”.  There is a suggestion that Vladimir Putin would like to embarrass Hillary Clinton further to help Donald Trump get elected.  But Julian Assange denies that Wikileaks took advantage of malware.

There is also an important piece on Techcrunch about the unreliability of “digital signatures” and about how large organizations are using “predictive analysis” to buttress their security.  .

Brian Ross of ABC News reports that "beyond a reasonable doubt", it's shown that Russia was behind the hack.  "Cute" young intelligence analyst Michael Weiss on CNN had some fun with this on twitter.

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