Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DHL package service trademark misused in phishing email scam loading adware and spyware Trojan

Many users may get spam email purporting that the user has a package from DHL, and needs to enter a delivery address and other info.

Windows users can get infected with the Troy/Bredo-AGB Trojan Horse.  It seems to get passed by opening the attached zip file

Sophos has a story, here.

Spywareremoval has a “baby talk” removal guide here. The Trojam reportedly is hard to detect with some standard anti-virus packages.  It appears that it steals credit and bank card information for possible fraudulent charges or account drains later.

The operation almost certainly happens overseas (maybe Russia) otherswise DHL could have stopped it on trademark violations.  Countries like Russia don't have many legitimate jobs for teen and twenty-something male programmers.  This is part of Vladimir Putin's strategy to attack the West.

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