Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Security odds and ends for Christmas week

Here’s a few odds and ends during Christmas week.

Trend Micro has flashed that it now offers password encryption on all your major sites (which might include websites or blogs you own, as well as social media).  This is another feature besides two-factor identification, and I haven’t looked into it much. It also offers endpoint encryption for business, here.  It’s your own private “ransomware”.

Watch out for some new phishing scams.  There’s a new one for rental house and putting homes on the market.

Webroot reports on a ransomware scam attracting victims with fake credit reports.  Webroot also reports on a new scheme for stealing cars with keyless ignition.  Car thieves also use radio signals to keep car doors from locking.

I had a situation where a garage door got stuck on open.  The garage contractor reprogrammed it.  I think it timed out because I didn’t close it in time, and that there is a firmware issue (in my specific case).  But this sounds like another possibility for hacking and a possible home security issue.

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