Sunday, April 23, 2017

Facebook wants you to recognize your Friends by face for security verification -- a likely story

Facebook is trying a controversial new security tactic: when people use Facebook from computers far away from home, they may be asked to verify names of friends by profile faces.

John Costine has a typical news story on Ad Week here.

Most of us have “Friends”, especially overseas, whose names we do not remember or whom we don’t recognize.  That is particularly the case for users whose posts are public and are often about news stories or rather impersonal.  Possibly the algorithm would ask you to identify Friends upon whose news feeds you frequently give Likes or make comments.  But the policy seems to be self-contradictory, or be predicated on an internally conflicted idea of social media “friendship”.

It's possible that users could mitigate the problem by continually using Facebook while in route by phone.  But this may not work with long plane flights (where cell service is not allowed) to distant destinations.  If driving, of course, you could use it frequently, at rest stops (if you have good nationwide coverage).  It’s also possible that the policy will apply more to overseas travel.

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