Sunday, May 21, 2017

Be wary of Facebook friend requests from existing friends

Be wary of Facebook friend requests from people who are already friends.

Kim Komando has a page on the problem here , and WJLA-TV will have a story about it Monday night, May 22.

There have been cases of people creating duplicate fake profiles to divert friend requests. 
Fake requests could also solicit personal information.

A fake profile of someone could be used as a ploy to call for money, claiming a need for bail or arrest in a foreign country.  That’s a common scam.  In my case, my friends would probably be very suspicious.

I had one fake make of mine a few months ago (with no posts) which a friend (who knows my books well) reported and it was deleted by Facebook before I found out about it.  She said it had happened to her once and that it is a fairly common scam, probably from overseas hackers.  

Update:  May 24

Sinclair Broadcasting's ABC affiliate WJLA 7-on-your-side has a video on the problem, aired May 22, here

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