Friday, July 07, 2017

Facebook phishing scam based on former Friend who is deceased

 Be careful of a new Facebook scam. I just got an email Friend request from a former Facebook friend who has deceased. The FB email was spoofed but there was no request on my account. This seems like another kind of phishing scam, possibly on deceased persons.
Be aware also that misspellings of "Facebook" can take you to phony imitation sites that ask for surveys and then connect you to FB (or go into an endless loop, requiring restart).

I have found that I attract a number of people from poor countries as Friends.  This may be related to my blogging about immigration and asylum issues.  Sometimes there are requests for money, help with employment, medical expenses, or charities (or even coming to the U,S., which will not be legal right now -- immediate ICE detention).  Obviously it is normally very difficult to determine which if any of these requests are genuine.


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