Saturday, August 05, 2017

Odd dns link seems to try to load with some Wordpress pages in Windows 10 Creators Update ("incapdns")

I’m noticing odd behavior of my Wordpress blogs in Windows 10 Creators Update environment.
When I go to a specific page, in Chrome or Firefox (so far), sometimes the page tries to load from “”, which seems to be some ad-serving network judging from Google searches. Yet the blog post right now does not serve ads. It is conceivable that it comes from am embedded YouTube video which does have ads.

I’ve messaged Trend Micro to ask if this is acceptable behavior. A full scan does not find malware.
The Trend security report shows no problems.

I’ve also noticed that in Windows 10 Creators Update the sound can fail and YouTube will not play, and the problem clears with a Restart.


Apparently I get the same result on another computer with an earlier version of Windows 10.  Will try Windows 7, MacOS tomorrow.

I'm wondering now if this has to do with BlueHost's  "add-on" structure for hosting accounts.  This may be the domain that converts the physical url's to logical one's with dns resolution.  This process could eventually prove useful in a strategy to implement "https everywhere".

But I had found some negative links about the site online and sites that claimed to remove it.

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