Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Travelers need to beware leaks in RFID security

IBM has an article warning travelers to beware of their security on hotels with magnetic key locks, with RFID technology (radio frequency ID). 

There are a number of dark web tools which can break them or hack components on mobile phones.
High-profile people are more likely to be targeted.

I sometimes simply put laptop computers away and out of sight in hotel rooms when traveling.  If I have a rent car for the day, I tend to take them with me.  I may want them to blog anyway.

The article mentions Faraday cage technology to protect access cards and credit cards (a microcosm of the EMP threat). 

Recently, my own car access key triggered the alarm of the next car in a garage.  While I’m at it, I’ll note how easy it is to get in the wrong car that looks like yours on the road.  One time I did this by accident in a sudden summer thunderstorm. The unlocked car had the same newspapers, road atlas, and clutter on the front seat, amazing coincidence.  I didn’t notice the apartment tag for a whole minute. 

You play on the road, you can't get a walk-off win.  You need your bullpen. 

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