Thursday, May 10, 2018

Apple's new "Black Dot of Death": we need a fix quickly

There is a bug in IOS 11 versions on the iPhone that can cause the message app to freeze.  It has to do with Unicode that overfills a buffer associated with a “black dot” emoji ("The Black Dot of Death"). 
On Andrpid it only freezes WhatsApp. On the iPhone if freezes the entire message app.;  It is rather complicated to fix.

It could be a real problem, for example, if you are waiting for a taxi and getting messages from the taxi company.  (I don’t think it affects Uber.)

Typical story is here

It is a little unclear if it freezes the entire phone or just the messages app.  It takes a long time to send.

The demonstrator says it is easy to fix by starting a new messages occurrence.  Fox8 in Cleveland says to use the Siri app. 

The phone can overheat when sending or receiving the message.  Could this become an airline fire hazard?
Apple will surely fix this very soon. 

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