Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Phishing emails asking for payment for fictitious loans

Here’s a new one.  I don’t recall getting an email before about a loan I didn’t make.

But I got an email from “elastic.co” claiming I owe a $19 payment to “accounts receivables”.  There was an attached pdf which I didn’t open. The “.co” refers to Colombia, so that’s suspicious. 

I’ll probably pull credit reports in a few days to make sure there is nothing going on. 

I generally open “suspicious” emails only on the iPhone (apple operating systems don’t seem to be as vulnerable) and don’t open the attachments at all.

“Elastic” does appear, from superficial checking, to be a real company that makes loans. I doubt this email came from them. But I did sent this on to Webroot and to Trend Micro to check further. 
I should also mention that I've gotten a few US mail letter offering $100,000 lines of credit (one of them was $500,000).  I've ignored them.  They've never shown up on a credit report. 

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