Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Trend Micro loops updating Windows 10 computer with creators updates, after returning from vacation non-use

On one Windows 10 computer, which I did not use for 11 days while on the road, Trend Micro update keeps looping.

I find that if I restart the computer, it says it is active and will let me run a scan.  But the icon that says an update is being installed persists. Of course, until the problem is resolved it cannot keep up with updates.

The computer that I took with me and used every day (also Windows 10 with the same latest features update) does not now have this problem.

There are various links available on Trend Micro Community, dating back to early 2017,  but I believe this could also have something to do with a period of non-use or recent Microsoft updates.
I’ll contact Trend Micro if I can’t get this resolved soon.

Update: June 12

A 90 minute support session where Trend applied several hotfixes fixed the problem.  Going not logged on for 11 days was only part of the problem. and were used to that the technician could work remotely. 

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