Wednesday, August 22, 2018

DNS Propagation failure makes US-owned sites accessible only in China, where they were banned, for about an hour; possible proof-of-concept hack???

There was a problem yesterday with a major hosting service where the DNS A-record propagation failed for a while.  The end result, if you looked at “” was that the sites were connecting in non-democratic countries (particularly China) and some of eastern Europe, but in the west.

The problem was fixed in about two hours and was intermittent.  But it struck me that something this could happen because of deliberate foreign hack.  While sites, even individually owned, were not reachable from the U.S. or some western countries, it sounds conceivable hackers could have altered them in a proof-of-concept attack.  I’m not aware that this really happened, but the pattern is suspicious.
Many of these US-owned and based sites are supposedly banned in China.  It’s odd that only Beijing could reach them for about an hour.

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