Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Is Trump's idea of pre-emptive cyber attack making us all less safe?

Josephine Wolff offers an op-ed in the New York Times particularly critical of Trump’s interest in pre-emptive cyber attacks, “Trump’s Reckless Cyber-Security Strategy.” 
Actually, this is not so far from criticizing the wisdom of a bloody nose electronic flux (EMP) attack on North Korea in late February, after the Winter Olympics, which was argued down.

Wolff says that the Obama administration was careful about unleashing Stuxnet on Iran.  But the danger today might be in tempting foreign powers to dare trying to jump “air gaps” separating the power grids in the US from the open Internet (with so called “jumps”).
Wolff also discusses the Sony hack in 2014; but that may have more to do with some companies antagonizing certain foreign enemies like North Korea.

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