Thursday, November 01, 2018

Could spammers send out no-platforming phishing notices? Also -- soft "NSA" intelligence tips when your email or social media shows unusual content repeatedly

Just a quick security tip.

If you get unusual volumes of emails, texts, robocalls, twitter mentions, Facebook postings in your timeline (or page if you allow multiple admins – a dubious idea now) or even US mail letters – about causes to which you have no connection and have no interest in supporting – just be careful, and watch your back.

It can mean someone views you as a threat to them.  Perhaps you’re lowballing them in business, or they think you are.

This goes a little beyond depending on spam filters or being careful about emails purporting to be from parties you know but looking odd. 

This is a matter that intelligence services and CIA and NSA people know well.
It’s even conceivable that spammers will send out sham “no-platforming” takedown emails (from social media platforms, domain registrars or hosts, claiming some sort of connection to a terms of service violation).  The first place to verify is the sender address with a mouseover, but sometimes those are masqueraded successfully.

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