Wednesday, June 05, 2019

A brief review of Trend Micro

Here is Trend Micro’s pitch on how it monitors for global cyberthreats, including about 600 million potential ransomware threats a day. 

The service says it now pays particular attention to “cryptomining” or possible threats even to block chain entities.

It also says it can detect laundering and some organized crime.

It says it has 30 years experience (back to 1989 – mainframe companies started installing products like “Top Secret” around 1987).

Right now I have Trend on my Windows 10 computers.  I’ve had Kaspersky (banned in the US???) and Webroot.  Since Webroot bought Sitelock and my hosting provider uses Sitelock, that could be interesting.

I’ve had a problem with two of my Wordpress domains (there are four of them) going back to gray, and I don’t know why.  ThioJoe ought to do a video on website safety ratings. 

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