Friday, August 16, 2019

Windows 10 has two new wormable vulnerabilities, fixed with the Aug 14 update

Windows 10 has two major vulnerabilities which the update on Aug. 14 (automatically scheduled) fixes, various sources report.  These vulnerabilities could apparently be unleased with no user action (like clicking on links in emails). Apparently these also apply the the Creators' Update series. 

Microsoft describes them as “wormable vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Services” (CVE-2019-1181/1182).  The problem does not occur in early Microsoft operating systems (7 and 8). 

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Could hackers cause a highway 9/11 event?

Gannett’s Detroit Free Press reports on vulnerabilities that could lead to sudden mass road casualties from a foreign attack on Internet-connected vehicles, especially Jeep Cherokees, story by Eric D. Lawrence.  

This is backed up by a Consumer Watchdog report which advocates giving motorists a kill switch.  

My own Ford Focus is not Internet connected as far as I know.